Quattro Movimenti: A Study on Scelsi

‘Quattro Movimenti: A Study on Scelsi’

written and directed by Nicol Vizioli commissioned by the London Contemporary Orchestra produced by SpitfireAudio

‘Quattro Movimenti: A Study on Scelsi’ is a cinematic response to Giacinto Scelsi’s chimeric Strings Trio.

The work is a collaboration between Nicol Vizioli and the London Contemporary Orchestra.
Shot over a single weekend in Iceland, the film fabricates an alternate earth, a place that is pure and elemental, where Nature exists in primal form.

The music holds a tension that never reaches its climax, time and space are suspended and images become arche- types. The primal consciousness of being alive, instinc- tive, violent and pure.

The film was presented as a huge 360° degrees full immersive installation on Ron Arad’s Curtain Wall at the Roundhouse, with a live performance by LCO.


This is my first moving image work.


Full film HERE