An Opening Song

An Opening Song

text by Giovanni Cervi
(translation by Farhaan Mumtaz)

In the 19th Century Arthur Russell Wallace and Charles Darwin propounded that phylogenetic branched trees derived from a single ancestor, which meant that all forms of life are tied by relationships of common descent. From a biological point of view, this is extremely “simple”; it suggests life as we know it was created with an original being. Thus with the first cry of each new birth, our collective memory resonates with that first piercing song of arrival. We are reminded our ancestral consciousness, we are reminded of our animal dimension.

Nicol Vizioli started her photographic project An Opening Song in April 2012. It all started with a dream, then a meeting in the crowd with the first woman, Helene; Nicol pursued birds of prey and found herself in the hauntingly beautiful English countryside. In the presence of these wild animals that dominate the wind and the currents, the artist’s soul was stirred and awakened; there is something intangible, of wind and profound unity with nature.

A long period of reflection, readings, drawings and meetings with characters that are able to understand and share her journey, or that have it in their DNA, whom then become her models. Albino, twins, rebellious souls, old and woodland travellers.

It’s the union of these varying vital strengths (the wild animal, the thinking animal and the prodigy animal) the strength of the photographic medium is unleashed in the hands of Nicol. She captures a simultaneous expressive fury and aesthetic balance to her photos, which makes them able to speak to every individual and universally iconographic. Observers are encouraged to feel cognisant of the warm comforting protection of the womb alongside our fragile vulnerability facing the whirling enormity of Nature. Glimpses of Nature’s symbols since time immemorial are revealed.

Flawed, dirty, obscure, mysterious, aware of descending from the same progeny. Embodied in a tribal way, bodies covered with dust and soil bring the signs of the cost and of the fatigue to be reborn, a forfeit of that old legacy where we all belong.

The analog portraits tell us about a return to life, a collective rite of passage from one dimension to another, from simply surviving to living, they explore the holders of the primordial spark from which we all come from. That first song, which is impossible not to recognise in front of Nicol’s photographs, crosses us like a lost memory which is suddenly found again.

extract from An opening Song
catalog published by Vanilla Edizioni, Milan

exhibition catalog is available HERE

© Nicol Vizioli